Fisk University presents “Upon These Shoulders” concert on Jan. 12

By SOTG News Service

The Fisk University School of Humanities, in partnership with the Nashville-based arts organizations Choral Arts Link (CAL) and Intersection’s Commercial Music Ensemble (CME), will host “Upon These Shoulders,” an evening of song, orchestra, spoken word, and art. Performers include Intersection CME led by Kelly Corcoran, Dave Ragland’s Diaspora, Tyler Samuel, CAL’s MET Singers and more.

The commemorative concert event, which coincides with the university’s recognition of the Martin Luther Kings Jr. holiday weekend, is scheduled Thursday, Jan. 12 and will begin at 7 p.m. in Fisk’s Memorial Chapel (1000 17th Avenue North, Nashville). Also, pre-concert reception is scheduled from 5:30-6:45 p.m. at the Carl Van Vechten Art Gallery, also on Fisk’s campus.

According to organizers, “Upon These Shoulders” highlights local unsung heroes of the Civil Rights movement while also paying homage to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s leadership during that era. Local artists will perform various genres of music conveying the historical context of early 20th century works during the pre-concert reception.

“The music of the time plays a vital role in the civil rights movement, and included spirituals and hymns that have evolved and continue through varying works of art into today’s soundtrack of the movement,” explained Margaret Campbelle-Holman, executive director of CAL. “This program will connect generations by linking the soundtrack of the past to today and into tomorrow through Classical, Rap and Spoken Word and will highlight common themes that each generation shares.”

Choral Arts Link will continue its partnership with Fisk University and Intersection CME with an additional program scheduled in April 2017 that will showcase the cultural experiences of late 20th and early 20th century composers and their communities.


Check out the podcast below to learn more about the “Upon These Shoulders” event, what to expect and the inspiration behind its partnership:





Fisk University presents “Upon These Shoulders” concert on Jan. 12


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