By Shawntaz Crawford
Publisher, Stay On The Go

Black people built America, yes. But we did not build the American system. Understand the difference.

If you work for Coca-Cola Corporation, for instance, you are contributing to building that company; but, you did not build that corporate system. They pay employees a salary but those employees do not get the benefits of ownership. So, yes, black labor has contributed to strengthening corporations’ place in the marketplace, but black labor doesn’t get credit for building the economy that keeps them employed. Neither black labor nor black consumers own the marketplace. Many blacks go to their jobs each day—despite all the sweat equity and strategy and years spent investing into building up these mega-corporations, we still don’t own it.

Though black dollars circulate so heavily and essentially anchor the U.S. economy, neither black labor nor black consumers “own” the marketplace. Many black Americans go to their jobs each day. Despite all the sweat equity and strategy and years spent investing into building up these mega-corporations, we still don’t own them. Worse, the U.S. economy draws enormous influence from black culture—yet, as a community we have not figured out a longterm, impacting strategy for monetizing our culture to bouy a piece of our

We were slaves for 400 years. So that just means we were free employees. An employee has no knowledge of the direction of the company and therefore has no real ownership in it. Therefore we do not have any REAL ownership in America. ( Even though we are owed it because our investment was what is called sweat equity in business terms. )

They used our physical labor to build they SYSTEMS. Then locked us out of those systems by denying us education about those systems.

Yea they owe us for our labor, but why would they give it back now? They built a militarized force to defend there investment. So we are forced to beg for it back and play on there sympathy and benevolence which will only go so far. They not gonna give us no REAL wealth.

Cause they don’t have to. That’s like somebody robbing your house and then saying, “you know what, I feel bad, I think Imma give them they stuff back”. Says no thief ever! They knew when they was taking it from you they wasn’t gonna give it back. And they militarized themselves in preparation for you trying to come for it.

This is just the beginning of all this. Our generation is going to wake up one day and get tired of getting crumbs. Cause that is what we settle for. At that point, there will only be a few logical courses of action. To fight and take it. To leave and go back to Africa. Or to build our own system inside of America that we control.

Or to just continue being a slave.

You can not win, if you don’t even know who or what you are fighting against.

Just food for thought. Meditate on this.




PUBLISHER: Black People Did Not Build America


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