Deirdre was born and raised in Milwaukee, WI and moved to Nashville to attend Tennessee State University. She graduated with a BA in Psychology.  She always knew that she had to have a career where she was helping others. As a very young girl Deirdre created a personal goal to “strive each day to impact as many lives as possible” Deirdre worked in the social services industry for 7 years and held roles as program manager and investigator of abuse and neglect. After obtaining a MA in Industrial/Organizational Psychology with an emphasis in Organizational Effectiveness and Workplace Diversity, Deirdre decided to change careers. Starting a new career in Human Resources was a natural transition for Deirdre. This new career choice aligned well with her continued personal life goal.

Deirdre has worked for the Federal Government and a few private sector companies where she’s held several roles such as, HR Assistant, Recruiter, and HR Business Partner. Deirdre currently works for Gibson Brands, Inc. as Global Human Resources Partner, where she is responsible for Gibson employees and management locally and internationally. Deirdre is a very passionate Human Resources Professional. She believes in empowering the workforce so they are able to discover their own personal talents so they can grow and be successful- in turn learning to become their own cheerleader.

In early 2016, Deirdre opened DeeLuxe Staffing and Consulting, LLC. Deeluxe Staffing and Consulting, LLC. Is a boutique niche staffing and consulting agency that provides customized staffing solutions and connects dynamic Administrative and Management professional with outstanding employers. Deeluxe specializes in the following industries: General Office, Call Center, Human Resources, Mental Health, and Non-Profit Sectors. Deirdre is also a professional resume writer and a certified Notary Public and Signing Agent.  Deirdre enjoys her career where she directly coaches others to be better and teaches them how to be their own cheerleader and go after their dreams to be successful and work hard. Deirdre continues to align her life goal to impact as many lives as possible by helping others to realize how amazing they truly are!




Nashville Black 40 under 40 2017: Deirdre Orr


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  1. Antonio A Cook says

    Ms. Orr,

    Continue to do great things in life and striving for greatness. This is a great accomplishment!

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