Former Tennessee Titan will soon become neurosurgeon

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When Myron Rolle started his football career in the NFL, sports was not his ultimate goal. The former Tennessee Titan has always wanted to be a doctor, and now he has his chance. Rolle, who has been chosen for a neurosurgery residency at Massachusetts General Hospital (under the  Harvard University umbrella) during a recent “match day” ceremony at Florida State University, says he is excited about spending the next seven years refining his practice. “Saving lives and helping people live a better life,” Rolle said, “that’s going to make life worth living.”

Rolle plays safety for the Titans in a 2011 exhibition against the St. Louis Rams. (Jeff Curry/Associated Press)

Not only did Rolle play for the Titans, but also suited up as a Pittsburgh Steeler. He said the game taught him how to be a leader and a philanthropist, but it was not his passion for a career. He was a good football player, rated by ESPN as the #1 football recruit in the U.S. in 2006, a First-Team Freshman All-American in 2006, and earned both Third-Team All-America and Second-Team All-ACC honors in 2008.  Rolle was drafted by the Tennessee Titans in the sixth round of the 2010 NFL Draft.

Rolle once told his father, who immigrated with Rolle’s mother to the U.S. from the Bahamas 27 years ago, that he was going to be a football player and a doctor. His father told him that he couldn’t do both. But after walking away from football in 2013 to attend medical school, he’s now on target to achieve both. And the opportunity to become a doctor is something he has waited for a long time.

Rolle’s passion for neurosurgery started with a fifth-grade class project focused on the anatomy of the brain. His older brother, Marchant, then gave him a book called, “Gifted Hands” by Ben Carson, the groundbreaking neurosurgeon from Johns Hopkins Hospital. The young boy was hooked. Soon his bedroom wall featured photos of two men: Deion Sanders (“my football guy”) and Carson (“my academics guy”).

“My parents wanted me to have these kinds of black role models that looked like me, were men doing positive things,” he explained to the Washington Post, “not necessarily just rapping or playing sports.”

Rolle will soon complete his education at the Florida State University College of Medicine, then start his residency at Harvard Medical School on July 1. The former Florida State football All-American and Rhodes Scholar spent a year studying at Oxford between the end of his undergraduate career at Florida State and the start of his NFL career, but his primary goal has always been to become a doctor.

To inspire others, Myron has also launched a foundation that is dedicated to the support of health, wellness, educational and other charitable initiatives throughout the world. The foundation’s goal is to help children and families in need. For more details about him and/or his foundation, visit





Former Tennessee Titan will soon become neurosurgeon


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