POEM: Loves Truth

By TaMon Kane
SOTG Voices Editor

TaMon Kane is a Nashville-based screenwriter, director, and producer. As a lover of the Arts, Kane shares his unique views and perspectives on his blog the TK Chronicles.

Your love was a Talisman, a magnetic charm
That made me believe that true love exists.
It made me feel that I had the capacity to love
and that I was worth being loved.
Suddenly the dream ended.
The haze was lifted.
The mirage faded away.
And what was left, was the truth.
And the truth is, wanting something
to be something that it’s not
doesn’t make it so.

The truth is, love is a riddle that
no one knows the answer to.
The truth is, though the story didn’t end
the way I thought it should.
It was not the conclusion but just the transition
from one chapter to the next.
See, love is like art; it must be felt and appreciated.
And like art what matters most is
what you’re left with after you see or experience it.
With love what matters is that you feel
and appreciate every experience.

That you recognize that the end of things
is often the beginning of things and both are often good.
The truth is your talismanic, magnetic;
Eye-opening love was a chapter in a bigger story,
a lyric in an unsung melody

That truth is, solving love’s riddle is what this story is all about.




POEM: Loves Truth


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