Six tips to cultivate your own personal style

Here are some tips to claim your own personal look

By Nisha Chantel
SOTG Love Editor

We all know them.  Louis, Gucci, Prada down.  Yet, they still look cheap.  You may not be able to put your finger on why this person does not look…polished.  Let me help you.  A label without style is simply a label.  It’s not deep.  The ability to purchase luxury goods with no clear style direction or bearing will only impress those who are equally directionless. 

My personal style is minimalist.  But, I firmly believe even minimalist style can make a bold statement.  I like clean silhouettes and black.  I love black.  Fitted sheath dresses bring my body joy and my black Hudson jeans are worn way too much.  I’ve spent years learning my body, my likes, and my dislikes.  My style would probably make the next person jump from a window.  Guess what?  I don’t care because it’s mine.  So, get started today building the base for your own personal style.  

The key to not making a misguided and expensive mistake is cultivating your own personal style.  Personal style does not change with the newest wave.  It is not dependent on the latest in Instagram boutique fashions.  It is a carefully thought out examination of one’s own likes, honest assessment of one’s own silhouette, and a clear sense of the statement one wants to make to the world. Where do we begin?

Signature Pieces
What is a signature piece?  We’ve all heard of the statement piece.  It’s the focal point of your outfit, a piece so stunning that it does not need competition.  A signature piece is an item or items specific you.  Signature pieces are understated.  They are the opposite of statement pieces in that they can be worn often or every day without feeling overdone or repetitive.  What are good signature pieces?  Dainty gold stackable necklaces, bracelets, or a classic watch are just a few items you can make your own.  My personal signature pieces: thin gold chain choker and simple gold stud earrings. Two subtle, classic items that pull any outfit together and leave you looking complete.  

This one is important.  I’m not going to knock a good weave or relaxer here.  So, stop being pressed.  Get it, pressed?  But, I am going to stress knowing what ACTUALLY works for you.  This requires a whole lot of self-awareness and some come to Jesus.  The key to good hair is confidence.

Don’t Be Afraid to Repeat
It would be nice to have a new outfit for every day.  But, forget the money.  Who has the time?  The key to repeating with style: buy quality pieces.  Instead of designers, focus on pieces that will stand the test of time.  Stitching and material are more your friends here than the label.  It helps to have a mother who is a seamstress.  Everyone can’t be so lucky.  My friends think I’m nuts.  I can watch people shop all day with no impulse to do so.  I shop with purpose all the while paying attention to four key components: stitching, lining, weave, weight.  How is it stitched?  Should it be lined?  If so and if not, leave it in the store.  Does the fabric weave feel as if it will hold up?  Is the weight of the fabric right for the style?  This determines how the garment will drape the body.  Identify foundational items that fit your personal style using the four key components to ensure longevity and build from these them.  My go-to’s remain classic tanks, blazers, leather jackets, and quality denim.  

Have Some Fun
I love a good statement tee, colorful scarves, unique earrings, and suede Adidas.  These are my go-to spices for any ‘fit.  They make me smile.  Find your go-to smile items and make them your own.  

Purchase Quality Denim
Yes, I know Fashion Nova is booming.  But, will they last five years?  The oldest pair of jeans in my rotation: a seven years old pair of $250 Adriano Goldschmied skinnies scored for $80 on  Quality denim is worth it.  Don’t be afraid to spend a little or purchase from unsuspecting places.  Another golden find: a $19.99 Banana Republic sales rack find that fits my waist and thighs like a dream.

Do Not Copy
I know you love that IG personality’s page. They are always so cute!  Resist.  Do not copy someone else’s style.  You will look like you are copying someone else’s style to those with personal style.  Plus, you are a grown-up.  Do the work.  It will feel good.  You know what’s dope?  You.  Do that.  Find that and rock it like no one else. 




Six tips to cultivate your own personal style


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