Airport’s ‘Billion Dollar Network’ provides new opportunities for small businesses

By SOTG News Service

The Maynard Group, in partnership with the Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority (MNAA), hosted its inaugural Billion Dollar Network event onThursday, Nov. 10, 2016 at Waller Lansden Dortch and Davis, LLP. The networking event and information session saw a huge turnout of diverse business owners and entrepreneurs. TMG received over 75 attendees, interested in learning how to do business with MNAA.

This “first of its kind” event provided networking and training opportunities to actively seek qualified vendors for MNAA certification. This event served as a direct effort to engage businesses in the BNA Vision, which includes a 1.5 billion dollar expansion.

Program attendees had the opportunity to hear more from Davita Taylor, MNAA’s director of Business Diversity, about the BNA Vision and to learn exactly how they may get involved. “The Airport is proactively launching this initiative to search for SMWBE/MBE businesses who might gain business from the upcoming expansion of Nashville’s airport,” Taylor said. “The event explained to attendees how to do business with the airport and how to prepare for this extraordinary opportunity. We will have more information at the beginning of the New Year, but want to ensure that we are cultivating relationships now.”

At Billion Dollar Network, business owners had a chance to hear directly from MNAA officials and learn more about the airport’s billion-dollar expansion and the opportunities that come with it.

“It was very exciting to partner with MNAA for this opportunity, and it was a truly unique event for small and minority business owners,” explained Jerry Maynard, former Metro Councilman and president of The Maynard Group. “It is vital for us to help small businesses in Nashville grow and expand because they are the economic engine of the city. I see this event as a gateway for small business owners to get involved with the BNA Vision.”

For more information on the BNA Vision, please visit

Jerry Maynard welcomes attendees to the Billion Dollar Network event.
Attendees listen diligently as Davita Taylor presents the BNA Vision.
L to R: Cory Beal, Davita Taylor, Jerry Maynard, and Sandra Potter
An inside look at the folders that were handed out to each attendee.
Jerry Maynard and Davita Taylor answer audience questions following the


Guests networking following the presentation
Davita Taylor presents the BNA Vision and opportunities to attendees.




Airport’s ‘Billion Dollar Network’ provides new opportunities for small businesses


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