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As America  grows and changes, the necessity for more fluid media entities giving voice to the economic engine of the millennial community will grow more and more prevalent.STAYONTHEGO.com will meet that need as well as the need for a voice into that same populous. STAYONTHEGO will serve as a navigation system, directing our readers to what’s going on around the community and mobilizing movers and shakers to move and shake.

Coupling useful lifestyle information with society focused subject matter, SSTAYONTHEGO seeks to be smart and conscious, yet hip and relevant. STAYONTHEGO will provide a much-needed element to an already vibrant community by celebrating its people and their accomplishments while propelling them to the next level to achieve even further success, economically, socially and politically.



STAYONTHEGO Magazine aims to become a new voice of professional millennials of color. With our innovative approach to integrating engaging entertainment features with the impact of profiles of real millennials  going places, STAYONTHEGO is documenting and celebrating the current successes of our community, by highlighting the unrecognized, under-seen and under-nurtured business, entertainment, and community service driven pulse, by mobilizing up and coming business people, politicians, entertainers and civil servants in the community. Our desire is to do our part in making sure that our community does not grow complacent but know what it means to STAYONTHEGO.

Any reader visiting our site instantly learns of what’s hot in entertainment, as well as discovering who is making powerful business and civic moves in the millennial community. It is important for millennials to learn of others who are achieving and realizing their dreams. Furthermore, as a promotions tools for a variety of events in the community, our audience has the opportunity to learn, network and grow along with us.



Marshall A. Latimore
 |  Editor in Chief + Publisher  |  @mpactmedia
Gregory Brand Jr.  |  Copy Chief + Entertainment Editor  |  @photogreggie
Keith Richardson  |  Visuals Editor  |  @krichardsonpr
Robert Shields  |  Director of Photography  |  @musiccitypics
TaMon Kane  
|  Voice Editor  |  @tamonkane
Nisha Chantel
  |  Love + Sex Editor  |  @nisha_chantel
Michael MJ Johnson  |  Travel Editor  |   @mjeezyjee
Jasmin Williams
 |  Style + Decor Editor  |   @thedesigneragent_jazz
Raechelle Turnipseed  |  Food + Spirits Editor  |  @chef_raemonee
Shawntaz J. Crawford  |  Publisher Emeritus  |  @shawntazcrawford

Nadira Freeman
Jessica E. Williams
LaToya Pickett
Isaac Y. Addae
Jimmie Woodruff
Trey Collier
Rhonda Cammon
Crystal A. deGregory Ph.D.




About Us