25 IN THE CITY: New career, new-ish city, new me

By LaToya D. Pickett
SOTG Music Editor

If I reflected back 10 years ago on the person I thought I would be at 25, my current life wouldn’t quite fit the description. I thought by 25, I would be married, starting on kids and have a fly ass career. Like, legit millionaire.

At the very least, I thought by 25, I would have my shit together.

Well, that’s not quite the case.

I’m a newly 25-year-old woman, who six months ago, decided to risks it all and detour from a life that wasn’t fulfilling. Six months ago I was living at my parents’ house in Little Rock, Arkansas and I was tremendously unhappy.

When I graduated college, December 2013, I had no idea that it would take me almost three years to get a job in my career. I had no idea that it will take me three months to get my first job, which only paid me $8.00/hr an hour followed by a few call career jobs.

I was tired of applying for jobs and being told no. I have applied to maybe a couple of hundred jobs and was told no or got no response at all. I’m a part of a generation of workers and scholars who were told all of their lives to work hard and go to college but only to get into the real world experiencing bullshit with not many jobs prospects and getting paid nothing.

But six months ago, I said fuck it. If I’m going to feel heartache and keep getting no’s, I’m going to do this shit my way. My mother once told me the reward is not always given to the swift one that finishes the race first but the one who withstands the pull.

So I got a job at an insurance company and start using my contacts from undergrads and worked it. Since then I have a podcast, write for a publication and now have a job in the communication field.

But let me tell you something. I fought like hell to get here, a place where I see the rips of my labor, endless blood, sweat, and tears. Here, in Nashville, I found a community of people who believed in my abilities and knew what I’m about.

I think it was in the Universe and in God’s plan to jump start my career in a city I know but at the same time emerging itself into a new identity. In so many ways, I feel a new identity emerging for myself. The person I was 6 months ago, feels like years ago. I don’t think that feeling is going anywhere, I’m evolving at a pace I haven’t experienced before. 

So why start a blog now? 25 in the City is a journey of a young woman trying to get her shit together. I want to document my mistakes, shortcomings, happiness, and everything in between.

Exploring my professional life, love life, fitness, and beauty. I’m going to talk endless shit about everything and try to dissect the world around me.

I want you, the reader, to see yourself in my journey. I want you to use this column as a map to your discovery. So I decided to start this on my birthday, Sept. 27 because it is the birth of something new. We’re getting to greatness, no matter how hard the fight is. So let’s ride.  3




25 IN THE CITY: New career, new-ish city, new me


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